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Iris Tarzan


3909 eggs.
Three thousand, nine hundred and nine eggs.


I almost fell out of my chair. Most ridiculous amount of eggs I've ever hatched.

Eggs hatched: 3909 (said this already. :X)
Shinies: 1

Only one shiny monkey left!! I will not be going for yanappu soon though, if I have to hatch one more egg this month I may hurl. 
but yeah. :D /glee

this will be my last shiny post for a while, sorry if they're annoying to anyone. XD

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Shiny Panpour is such a lovely teal color :D Congrats!

How do you people have enough patience to do that DX
Thank you!!

It becomes easy to do without thinking rather quickly, so you can pretty much have your focus on something else entirely while hatching. XD

Ugh, if I have to hatch 3000 Charmanders to get a shiny, just kill me now...

I hope that you won't have to! The most I had ever hatched before this was 1700 for baoppu, and come to think of it that was on this same cartridge... XD Probably should use a different one for yanappu.
Yeah, I've noticed that certain cartridges are terrible for shinies. For instance, I NEVER found a shiny on my Sapphire or Emerald despite playing them both for 100-300 hours, but I got 2 shinies on Gold after about 15 hours. Oh, and I found a shiny Shinx on my Pearl after 50 minutes of playtime. .___.
Congrats! What a nice color ^_^
Thanks. <3
Congrats! That is freaking nuts. :o
Thank you! XD
Holy crap! xD Congrats!
Did you use Masuda method?
Thanks, and I did! :D