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pancham ami!


I was remembering today how I used to use my livejournal for fun things, like pokemon and anime and like, let's do more of that. So today's post will be pokemon!! In bullet point fashion!! I haven't even posted about XY despite playing it every single day since release.

I love me some XY you guys. It can't surpass my love for gen 5, but it's such a good step for pokemon. I was worried about the transition to the 3DS not feeling like pokemon anymore, but that totally didn't happen. The story wasn't all that special but what can you expect from such a huge leap. I really like all the new pokemon but pancham is still my favorite baby. I fell in love with skrelp along the way and I really like Amaura/Swirlix thanks to my playthrough ones, but not enough to hardcore collect them right now.

Speaking of collecting..!
 My new babies!! If there's anything good about only 70ish new pokemon it's that the ones we got get merched. Pancham isn't even on the anime cast (yet?) and he got all this. With a steady stream of figures and such for him and pangoro in the future.
Side note, if anyone wants a talonflame or litleo retsuden magnet feel free to let me know. Just like $4 maybe?? I paid like $25 for the sheet because pancham collectors apparently like to match my crazy, but i'd rather just pass them on than have them sit in a drawer.

My other XY loves that have gotten plushed so far!
I love the new pokedolls. I find chespin to be the cutest thing ever and he's my least favorite starter! Though that's not saying much since I love them all. The new tags are fun too, it's nice to see them switch it up. Can't wait for the next set of pokedolls. *u* I need to pick up xerneas, yveltal and the goomy/amaura pokecen plush at some point as well, gosh.

I went to ikea with some friends a while back and got lights for my expedit unit!!
They don't photograph all that well, but they CHANGE COLORS and i love them muchly. because colors.

I think the last thing pokemon I have to talk about is shiny hunting! I still avidly hunt shinies, mostly in XY at the moment aside from Latios in black 2 who refuses to shine! I've had pretty good luck so far, I try to stick to full odd shines as I find them the most exciting, but if you want a shiny in XY without spending tons of time there's currently the pokeradar, friend safari, chain fishing AND the shiny charm so, yeah. Also I guess the normal odds have been halved as well? Shinies for all!!
Adorable torchic will lead you to my Shiny exploits.

I think that's all for now! I've fallen in love with quite a few new anime series, so my next post will probably be about that!

Atta boy, self. Make posting promises despite only posting once every other month.


I've missed seeing you post about your collections!! :'D Glad to see there's a fellow Panda collector, too - I need to take pictures of my collection soon!

Congrats on all the shinies! I haven't even gotten XY yet, but it is true that it's a tad easier to get shinies?
Eee I'd love to see your pandas!!

Serebii says the odds in xy are 1 in 4096 which is about half of previous gens, but I've been getting them at pretty much the same rate, so idk. The friend safari odds seem crazy high though.
Yay, nice to see you posting about collection stuff! Your Pancham collection is already looking awesome! Pancham is definitely a cutie. :D Love your other Gen 6 guys, too--nice choices! I'm having so much trouble deciding what to buy in Gen 6--I kinda want half of what's been released so far but I've been saving for Japan so I'll just have to catch up once my savings are all padded. (Of course, I'll partly catch up once I'm in Japan, too, though that's a ways off.)

Oh, your monkey displays look gorgeous! I always name my male Pansear after you.

Shiny hunting is the best in X/Y! Following your shiny hunting blog--looks like you've had a ton of success so far!
Thank you! I understand how you feel about XY, there's so much merch of great pokes already it is hard to decide! Yay for japan too!!

Hehe I love it. <3

I have had pretty good luck, but I've put in more time than I'd like to admit, haha. You might have heard already but i figure it's worth throwing out there to a fellow shiny lover: if you ever want to masuda method, going to lumiose city's center and putting a piece of paper under you joystick lets you circle the tower infinitely. This makes hatching eggs SO easy. It helped net me a treecko a lot faster. Haha
Wow, that's a lot of shinies! Out of curiosity, how are you keeping track of the number of random encounters between each shiny? I assume you're not counting by hand, since that would take forever.
I'm usually hunting on 3 systems, so I just put a calculator next to my setup and after the first set of encounters hitting = adds 3. For random encounters this is pretty effortless, but for soft reset hunts and things that take effort I usually don't count. I only do it so that when I'm 10k over the odds it's a glimmer of hope that something should come soon. Haha