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Tuft Cooking!

omgitslph showed me this and I can't even
i cannot even
Literally yesterday I was happy that there wasn't anything I needed to buy because i'm saving for a plane ticket. aksjlfdkjl


ah yes, my new background! i'll be there so i can try to pick stuff up if you really want. i'd only charge retail price + shipping. :)
lph already offered and found someone selling their swag bag, but thank you so much for the offer! ;c;

I hope you have fun while there and do well in the VGC! :D
Awh, they're so cute!

I have this exact problem with a certain water pony's merch...
I know right. ;;

Much respect for your movie pokemon collection! Can't wait to see pics when you do an update. :D
Hehe, not too long a wait - hoping to get an update done today!
omg those monkey statues in the bg are creeeepy

All the other art is too cute though!
They are a little creepy, but a nice touch I think! XD