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*hugs* Baoppu and Poddo

Trio Finale!

dear god.

16 days... It only took 16 days. ;_;

He's so perfect. 

Eggs hatched: 938
Shinies: 1

Less than 1000 eggs, what is this sorcery?? So lucky. ;;

I tried to take a cool triple battle picture, but it was hard.

Now for a grand total!

Over the fifteen and a half months I hunted for these guys:
Monkey eggs hatched: 6641
Shinies: 3


I realize hatching pokemon eggs in your spare time probably seems silly to most people, but it just feels so amazing to finally complete the trio. <3

and now I will try to use my LJ for actual life updates and such on normal basis!


I like your trio/tiro finale play on words!
Thank you!

Mami is my second favorite madoka character. :U
Congrats! I've kind of given up on Charmander, at least for the time being.
Thanks. Aww, well I wish you luck if you decide to pick it up again!
How and the heck did you do the triple battle pic? o_0
Thanks you!
I took 3 regular monkeys on my black version/spare DS, and my shiny ones on white into a triple battle. :)