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Monkeyshrine Reboot.

Hi friendslist! Haven't posted in a while, but the 4th was my birthday and I did something exciting!! I've needed new shelves for so, so long. I just had piles of plush because there was no room for them, my monkeys were crowded, ECT. I've had my eyes on a set for a while and on my bday I went to ikea! Two days later and it's set up to my liking.

I love it so. much.

Starting with the top! All of my overflow monkeys, cafe goodies, ect.

Bigger image of everything! I'll be getting another door for the bottom corner soon, while in the store things were crazy and I wasn't sure how I wanted it set up. XD Zoroark matching my color scheme perfectly is making me want more things of her, guh.

Nupps! I'll probably be tweaking these shelves for a while, but for now I'm content!

My baby!! Obviously my favorite shelf.

Water monkeys! I love their contrast with the shelf.

Axe dragons! Apparently I had a lot more figures of these guys than I thought. XD

I don't think I've ever even talked about adventure time here, but I love it and LSP is my favorite!! This collection was accidental at first, but it's fun so I stuck with it.

Those are the only shelves really set in stone, the one with starter evos is reserved for panchams, and I'm guessing the two next to it will get used by gen 6, too. So happy!


Haha, your collection always shoots off my envy eyebeams everywhere. XD Sorry, I repeat myself!

Those shelves are so nice! I love the nice red color! Are you going to get glass doors to protect them from dust? I wish my damn state *had* an Ikea, they tend to have some really nice furniture. :\
Thank you! I haven't really decided* on glass, but I do Hope to get some lights!
Happy belated birthday. I am in love with your current setup.
Thank you! :D