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Heyyyy Livejournal. Boy am I ever awful at updating you. In my defense though, there's nothing really happening except  work, and even I'm not interested enough in that to write about it.

I've had the, as my family so lovingly referred to it: "Death Flu" for the last month. Which is the really bad flu that's going around and has taken lives (even of kids) in my area. Mostly over it now, but I haven't kicked the sinus/chest part fully yet. I seriously recommend that if your body starts aching you go to the doctor asap. I talked my mom into going the second she started feeling achy, and she got over it long before me, despite... catching it from me.

I also took this picture!!
Can we just talk about how CUTE raichu and slowpoke's dolls are?? Seriously some of the best in a while. Took this because I was planning on making a big ol' collection update, but this took all of sick-me's energy and now I don't know when I'll do that. haha I do plan on making a 'goods to aid your adventure' comm post when my sunyshore package arrives though! This is all of my pokedolls as of now. I really want to start catching up on BW pokedolls soon, provided monkey merch stays as slow as it's been looking. I think I need like.. 12? sounds right.

And hey, gen VI is a thing now. The starters and legends are lovely and have me excited, but I'm still so full of gen V love. :( I imagine it will be strange not having elemental monkey or axe dragon things to look forward to, but hopefully there will be a new LEMUR pokemon or two for me to love. Pretty much impossible that I'll love any as much as my monkey BBs, but the ride is sure to be enjoyable anyway. :')

Hope everyone is doing well!!


Oh wowowowowow your Pokedoll setup is adorable <3 I love how all their colours blend and fade and gosh just look lovely.

And good to hear you're getting better. That flu is nasty :(
Thank you. <33 Your dolls are looking amazing as well from what I saw on the tumblrs!

Also loving your return to livejournal! More cally posts is never a bad thing.
I heard about the death flu from my usual Twitter source, Anderson Cooper, and my mom. Am now super glad I got the flu shot, although it sounds like it wasn't as effective this year as most years :/ But related to the flu-

Which is the really bad flu that's going around and has taken lives (even of kids) in my area

Actually, and kids doesn't make sense since normally children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to flu deaths, even when it's not an overly super deadly flu. Or by kids did you mean like teenagers and healthy people?

I love how you've organized your pokedoll collection! You have so many, and lots I've never seen before! I can't wait for the first pokedolls for the new generation...am especially excited for Chespin!
I meant teens, sadly. One that I remember specifically was a 17 year old Football player who was healthy as can be before he got it. :(

Thank you! I'm excited for dolls of the new starters as well, hopefully they won't wait as long to release them as they did with the BW starters!
Argh, sorry to hear you got that bastard of a flu. D: I was in the exact same boat, I started off even more tired than usual for a week and then I was pretty much knocked on my back for two more weeks. Both my parents caught it from me and then recovered a lot faster. XD

The lung congestion/sinus crap is the worst part, hopefully it'll clear up quickly. Lots of rest and complete that Gen V Pokedex if you haven't already, that helped me a lot. <3
That's how mine progressed as well. The knocked on my back part was kind of a shock, I don't think I've ever had a flu like that before. @_@ I hope you're doing better as well!

I'm pretty obsessed with pokedex completion for some reason, so mine was already finished. It did help me find a shiny though. XD